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Formula Flavored Coffee

I just poured the remains of eight ounces of baby formula into my coffee cup. I made eight ounces. Athena, my beautiful daughter who is 0.8661202186 years old, just finished off four ounces and was sated, leaving the rest for me.

There was a time when I was a coffee snob. Back in those days, I would never dream of putting anything into my coffee except the pure unadulterated black juice itself. Back in those days, I would be writing down my thoughts in a chic cafe with my Pelikan fountain pen and leather notepad filled with Rhodia paper. These days, I pen my thoughts using gvim on a laptop that runs Arch Linux, and instead of a chic cafe I’m sitting on a big green foam playmat with my baby girl. Times change.

I still like fine coffee, but I find that a bit of milk reduces the acid bite. I could go to the refrigerator and pour some milk into my coffee cup, but I feel the weight of that half-empty bottle. There’s a bit of that milk in Athena right now, growing her bigger, so in some since there’s a bit of Athena in that bottle, and I just can’t stand the thought of pouring that down the drain.

Formula-flavored coffee tastes great, just have to get used to the little lumps of formula that didn’t quite completely dissolve. Time to get back to coding.